The BioUrja system is a dry anaerobic digestion system that digests organic waste and generates biogas, which is a gaseous fuel composed of methane and carbon dioxide. The high speed digestion mechanism of BioUrja system helps to generate more biogas per day, therefore resulting in more savings for the clients. This prefabricated system is compact, utilises minimal space and can co exist in any urban location.

BioUrja suite is a complete solution consisting of a smart input system with shredders, an automated pressurised gas storage system, digestate treatment solution (per international pollution control norms) and gas piping to the kitchen along with burners — making the transition for the customer hassle free. 

BioUrja : The most sophisticated and efficient biomethanation solution


• Designed for urban establishments, to co-exist with people

• Completely pre-fabricated, modular systems

• In-built odour, scum and foaming management

• Multi–level gas safety systems

• Flexible layout as per client’s requirements and space availability

BioUrja Performance


• Double the gas production and digestion rate of other biogas systems

• Minimal usage of water

• Zero effluent discharge system with rich manure content

• Specially designed solution for seamless transition from LPG or PNG

• Customized design

Biological Health Monitoring

• Plant health remotely monitored 24x7 for continuous operation

• Automated gas management system for captive consumption through pipelines

• Innovative health management for longer stability and performance

• In-house developed technology and process for preventive maintenance and quick resolution

• Online dashboard to monitor operational parameters

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