According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), four-fifths of the developing world’s food is a product of small-sized farms. Agriculture employs 80 per cent of the active population in Nepal but only accounts for one third of the GDP, a reflection of the many challenges facing the country's four million smallholder farmers. The smallholder farmers are small plot producer, farmers with land holding size less than 0.5 hectare and economically poor. Our solar-powered micro-irrigation solutions are designed for smallholder farmers who need reliable irrigation facilities at low cost. Our solutions can be coupled with drip irrigation and other similar technologies to increase productivity of the farms.

Features of Solar Pump
  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point tracking) to maximize the use of solar power
  • Easy installation and minimal after-sales maintenance
  • Pump Controller to protect pump from over-voltage, over-current, water shortage, under-voltage pressure level
Head (metres) Discharge ( Litres Per Day) Pump Capacity (HP) Price (NPR)
10 15,000 0.5 1,30,000
10 30,000 1 1,85,000
10 50,000 1.5 2,50,000
20 10,000 0.5 1,30,000
20 25,000 1 1,85,000
20 40,000 1.5 2,50,000
30 5000 0.5 1,30,000
30 10,000 1 1,85,000

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