Are you looking for a reliable irrigation system ?
Do you want to reduce recurring costs of grid electricity and diesel generator ?
Do you want to lift water from source or river for irrigation and drinking water ?

SOLAR PUMP is your most effective SOLUTION.

Advantages of SOLAR PUMP

Solar Powered

Our Pumps are powered by solar energy. So there is no need of grid electricity or diesel generators to run it.

Battery Free

Our Solar Pumps do not require batteries which mean low-operation costs and no recurring costs.


By reducing dependence on diesel, solar pumps significantly contribute in reducing the carbon footprint and supports nature conservation

Zero Maintenance Cost

A properly installed solar pump has negligible maintenance costs. Just ensure that panels are free from dust and clean the surface regularly.

Quick Payback

After offsetting diesel use, solar water pumps will increase revenue through better productivity and also save your time required to fetch water in hills. Time is money.


Please call us and let us know requirements.
Our engineers/technicians carry a site visit to conduct preliminary assessment.
We design the pump for you and send details including price.
eocprise installs the system after payment is done.

Contact us : 4440130 , 9802065064 | | Kathmandu |

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