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Solar loans are in place to make solar energy more affordable – and help businesses/offices avoid use of inverters which are also dependent upon grid electricity to charge battery and generators which run by fossil fuels (diesel, petrol) .

  • Affordable and flexible – avoid large upfront costs all together, or make an up-front payment and lower the monthly cost of your lease.
  • Maintenance-free and worry-free – you won’t be responsible for system repairs or maintenance, your monthly installment is all you are charged.
  • Fixed cost – your monthly cost is fixed, regardless of how much energy your system produces

For Solar packages over 1500Wp

Interest rate: 4.5% | Payback period : 60 months | Financing available : up to 70% of the project | Subsidy Rs. 20000 from government |

Documents to be submitted to apply for Commercial Solar Loan are:

  1. Citizenship copy of the director/proprietor
  2. Recently taken pp size photograph (4 copies)
  3. Copy of lalpurja of the home in which you plan to install the system
  4. Copy of citizenship certificate of the land/house owner
  5. Tax clearance certificate
  6. Business Registration certificate and PAN certificate
  7. MOA/MOU and business authorization letter if applicable.
  8. Board Minute (If applicable)
  9. Copy of the citizenship certificate of the guarantor
  10. Audited financials of last 3 years and projected for next year
  11. Bank statement of last 6 months
  12. Multiple Banking declaration (self-declaration)

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