Waste disposal is one of the major problems being faced by all nations across the world. Cities are getting polluted by the waste generated by domestic & commercial entities and therefore proper disposal is essential to prevent pollution and maintain aesthetics. While non-biodegradable waste can be recycled, the biodegradable waste needs to be processed to maintain natural balance in the environment and make optimum utilization of waste available. 

At Ecoprise, we are wokring with Green Brick Eco-Solutions (GBES), India to design and build waste-to-enerry projects in Nepal. The BioBoxx Technology used by GBES is one the most portable and affordable tehcnology available in market today. 


Bio-boxXTM is a container-based organic waste processing plant, which can take on up to 1-ton of organic waste (waste from large kitchens, horticulture waste etc.) and convert it into Biogas and Organic Manure. 

Advantages of Bio-boxx

  • Plug and Play Model – BioBoxX is completely prefabricated, modular and highly customizable technology. It does not consists of any fixed parts. With the plug and play model, we can order the plant and install it where the client desires.
  • Efficiency – For optimum output of biogas, digestion condition should be maintained. In BioBoxX the conditions such as pH, temperature etc. are monitored via a sensor and necessary adjustments are made automatically.
  • Non-Labour Intensive – Other biogas require intensive labour to construct and operate the biogas plant. BioBoxX comes pre-fabricated and is computer controlled which decreases labour cost.
  • Automated System – All the components will be controlled by control panels.
  • Payback period of 3-4 years.

Call 9803647265, 9802065064 or email us - biowatt@meroecoprise.org for inquiries. 

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